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To be or not to be a darkie

I decided I wasn’t going to blog about this, but somehow I’ve broken the promise to myself. The recent remark by Dr Blade Ndzimande about a darkie government and Lindiwe Mazibuko’s response has put political discourse at the centre of attention again together with the class conundrum and the effects it has for who can legitimately participate in politics.(

I’m not going to talk about whether “darkie” is a derogatory word or not, or whether “Uncle Blade” was misguided in his response to Lindiwe and I’m not sure if I want to think about what this means for political discourse. What I do consider to be worrying is that the idea of being black enough is one we are still having...why do we care so much?

Young South Africans who have been educated at former white schools (private and public) and might have moved to the suburbs have been at the brunt of the identity crises in South Africa. I will use myself as an…