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On love: speaking at the DSG Matric Dinner


The art of loving

Ndiphe olo thando Ndibathande bonke Ngomphefumlo nangenqgondo  nangamandla onke

Almost ten years ago I got my first tattoo: Luthando eyona nto, Love is the greatest. Not only did it mark my body, it marked who I was becoming. My first tattoo co-incided with me leaving the church and trying to figure out spirituality and who I am for myself. I had been raised in the church; I knew all the hymns and scriptures but something didn’t feel right. In leaving the church I knew I wasn’t leaving God—or rather God wasn’t leaving me—but I was leaving the church version of God which did not make any sense with the spiritual experiences which had led me to God when I was in high school and my childhood. I had experienced God through the love I received from others. I knew God existed because I had seen people choose love. So in leaving the church I took with me some of the gifts I needed to navigate the new experience of seeking for myself and the importance of understanding love has been an enduring …