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One down, three to go!

Another term is over! I always pinch my self at the end of the term because yet again, I've suprised myself by making it through another busy term.

Sadly, the holiday is too short. I'm being ambitious by taking home some marking with me. It would be foolish to begin term two with marking from the previous term. We already have assignments and tests lined up for the first week of term. Second term is my least favourite term because of exams and all the behavioural problems established in the first term will continue. There's no sense of a new beginning but I get the feeling kids will be gatvol  with school as early as the first week.

We have assembly twice a week. In each assembly meeting there's a section called "devotions". Unlike the prayers and hymns we sang and recited when I was in school, staff and pupils have to share something enlightening in order to get people to think about something. Christian staff members share some lessons from the Bible, other…

On being a writing teacher

It's near the end of first term. I have marked nearly 500 assignments given to me by the four English classes I teach as well as the lone Social Science Grade 8 class (over 150 students in total). I have survived the extra hours spent with debating trips and going to watch evening plays (coming home at 9pm or later) and tagging along to the Grade 8 camp (with wonderful colleagues and spirited teenagers). I have played "mother", been  a shoulder to cry on more than once, trying to comfort teary teenagers who come into my classroom or simply welcome my hugs when I've noticed they need a good cry. I am exhausted.

The marking required me to pore over was some creative writing. I had to mark stories and essays. Some were brilliant and thought provoking. Others made me wonder whether I've done a good job as an English teacher this term. While reading the stories I realised  I wish I had more time to write stories.

Telling a story and sharing it with others is akin to o…