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An open letter to the girls at Sans Souci

Molweni gals

Ya'll have had quite the week ne! Going viral. Again. And this time the story has paused with your protest supporting a teacher who slapped one of your peers. You guys reckon she's not racist. Fair. She's your teacher. You like her. Even your favs are problematic but ke as'kho lapho.

I'm curious about what happened before the video was taken. What's the nature of the relationship between the teacher and the student who slapped her. Had she taught her last year? I suspect (and I could be wrong) that there's residue from last year's issues. At least I'm hoping that's the case; otherwise your teacher's behaviour is more troubling than you think.

The thing is no teacher should talk to you guys like that. Ever. There's a history of white women yelling at black girls and black 'girls' (domestic workers, oomama bethu, white women insist on infantilising; to this day). That picture would have looked very different had your t…