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Good bye Nairobi

The last day in Nairobi finally arrived. It's been a mixed bag of a visit. Some quiet moments,some awkward moments and sometimes I felt as though I were an overstimulated toddler high on sugar. My friend kept on apologising because I came to Nairobi while it was still asleep with everyone back at the shags or the coast or abroad. In spite of her misgivings I enjoyed the rhythm of the visit, it was good introduction to Kenya.I hope there'll be another visit in the near future.

Today I woke up in a village in Kikuyu. I had slept over at a friend's house last night and she stays in the Kikuyu area. Even though it was one night I got another picture of what it means living outside the hub that is Nairobi. The narrative is the same as many rural areas, subsistence farming, large space of land, bad roads. The village has water and electricity unlike many rural areas I've been to in South Africa. The drive to Kikuyu was interesting. There were butcheries all along the road. C…

An almost quiet new year

Yesterday and today were very chilled days.Apart from the stint at Brew Bistro (a club akin to Cubana back home) for the count down and a bit of dancing, the days were very quiet,something I've been longing for.

Yesterday we drove to Lake Naivasha which meant driving through the Rift Valley. The lake isn't spectacular but being outside and hearing the sound of birds, seeing animals-as cheesy as it sounds-was very good. We were chased away from Naivasha by the rain. The drive to the lake also meant driving through small towns (though I don't think of them as towns) with locals selling on the side of the road. The image of what we expect to see while driving through a third world. Natural tourist attractions seem to drive the economy and allow many people in third world countries and they allow tourists some respite from the third world realities that crippled development.

Today I found the Karura Forest. It reminded me of Newlands forest in Cape Town. It's also the fore…