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Lalela: Zimamele — a place for listening to yourself

Ndingangakhe ndisithele Kwimpazamo zonke Ndibe nemizuzu ndedwa ekuthandazeni
I didn’t know how to write about Lalela and my experience of visiting this place until I read a chapter from bell hook’s Belonging: a culture of place. My friend and her partner live on a farm in Magaliesburg. They named the farm Lalela and opened it up for friends to visit and experience life differently from city life. I have been here for almost three weeks and I came with the sole purpose of finding some peace and quiet. And I have experienced it in abundance.
In her chapter “Touching the earth” bell reflects on the relationship she has with the earth. I had read this essay when I first read the book but the essay reads differently now that I have experienced what bell writes about beyond the initial reading and understanding. Here are a few extracts from the essay which resonate with what I have experienced at Lalela as well as what has emerged in the conversations I’ve had with other people who have been a…