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Teacher timetables: the tyranny of time

I was preparing a lecture for a group of pre-service teachers earlier today (Bachelor of Education, fourth year). The module is related to professional studies. This module is supposed to prepare students for becoming professional teachers. Sections in the module include discussions about the context of the education system, looking at SACE policy (South Africa Council of Educators), time management and offering case studies from schools.

While preparing the section on time management I decided to include a section on the timetable. Each school operates based on the effectiveness of the timetable. Most 'good' schools aim to have the timetable ready by the end of each year so that teachers know at the onset of the new year which classes they'll be teaching; this is called deployment. There are also schools which only have their timetable ready at the beginning of the year once there's a sense of how many teachers are available or whatever other admin that needs to be de…