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A bad attitude and a misunderstanding

I had an altercation with one of my Grade 12 students today. We had a misunderstanding about an essay she had to submit. When I tried to explain myself to her (yes, teachers have to explain themselves to their students these days)she took no responsibility for creating the misunderstanding. I was dumbstruck. This conversation seems meaningless in the bigger scheme of my day but I couldn't get past it quickly enough.
We tried to have a conversation at the beginning of the lesson and she started pouting when I explained I hadn't checked her essay because she didn't meet the deadline (and blamed the email for not arriving in my inbox on time instead. I snapped at her and told her I had enough on my plate and by missing the deadline she had missed the opportunity to do well in the essay. I snapped at her and in retrospect I should have been the bigger person and kept my composure but I didn't.
When she looked at me blankly I wondered what kind of adult she will be. I won…