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The politics of camagu

Growing up umama used to give me valuable information I took for granted. For example, my love for body art came out of a conversation with her about umvambo because she used the phrase "ukunyamezela umvambo" often and I would ask her "yintoni umvambo" and so the conversation would lapse into history and language and pictures (more on that in a post when I write about the tattoo sleeve that's almost complete). Another conversation was about simple words we took for granted: molo/molweni.

Mama told me molo(hello) comes from the Afrikaans word môre (morning). She says when she was growing up she often heard people say bhota/bhotani. In fact, when she moved to Ezibeleni after she married tata she was impressed by the consistency of the people who used bhota/bhotani; she hardly ever heard the use of molo. Much to her delight I'm sure.
So imagine my pride when I read that mama was in fact teaching me something that W. B. Rubusana writes about in his book Zemk…