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On Spirituality

A while ago I thought I was doing a thread on Twitter. Turns out I did it all wrong so I've decided to rework the tweets into a blog post of sorts.
I was musing about spirituality; African spirituality to be specific. I've been to a few occasions and her people reference "African theology" which is unusual in the Methodist church. But I recognised it as a response to the moment where people ware talking about spirituality beyond the Christian discourse. Obviously this has been happening for years but within the context of the consequences of Christianity and even Atheism in relation to young people who find themselves estranged from their family's traditions while living in complexes and estates. 

So here are my musings:
MaAfrika,can we talk about ukuphahla?Ingxaki is this,our bodies and spirits want to do something some of our parents refused to teach us in the name of impucuko. Now our spirits remember something we lost #threadI started having this conversation a …