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What, in today's world, will appal our grandchildren?

This is the question posed in one of the features in this month's Intelligent life magazine. I considered the question for myself and considered a few more suggestions I could add to such a discussion. I also thought that such a question is a difficult one to consider as it requires some imagination: what will our grandchildren be like? The question also requires us to consider our current existence and lifestyle and curb our self-indulgence.

I considered for a moment what I find appalling about my grandmother's life:

How did she live with apartheid?How could she have some many children as a single mother?How did she put up with the gender stereotypes? (there's an answer to that one: she never married) The list is endless. But the more interesting list to consider is what my children's children could find reprehensible. How we treat poor people: those of us who live comfortable lives have an uneasy relationship with those "who are less fortunate than us". We to…