What is this blog about?

I started blogging while I was studying at Rhodes University, 2010. I had just started reading for a Masters in Education and I was struggling with writing. I mostly struggled because I didn't like academic writing (I'm still in two minds about it even though I'm seriously contemplating a Phd).At the time I also had the opportunity to write a few columns for the Daily Dispatch (a newspaper in the Eastern Cape) and I enjoyed that experience because it allowed me to write about issues beyond my studies.

I opted for the title ixhanti lam because the phrase relates to what is known as a kraal in English. Ixhanti is a family homestead where family elders meet to speak to the ancestors. It is an important and sacred part in any traditional homestead. This relates to the blog because I think of writing as an important part of my life, akin to family elders speaking to ancestors when things are good or when things are bad in the family. This blog is not a literal xhanti but for me it has the same sentiments of using this space to write about what I think is important.

 Now I'm a teacher and I try to write a blog post at least once a week. Most of my topics focus on my experiences in the classroom and what I think about living in Cape Town (ever since Helen Zille's refugee faux pas I decided I could never claim being a Capetonian). 

I also write for the Mail and Guardian Thought Leader so what you read on this blog might appear on that blog as well.Leave a comment before you move on to the next blog or get distracted on twitter.

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